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Rob Schoening

Using iacbot for Operational Control of IaC

Learn how to use iacbot to automate security testing and policy control of your infrastructure as code (IaC) - Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes – so you can scale safely.


Rich Seiersen

Security Superfriends Episode 7: James Sörling

Security architect and open source contributor James Sörling talks about open source tools that make high velocity development more secure.

a rolling rock gathers no moss

Rob Schoening

Minimizing Tech Debt With IaC

Tech debt can accumulate quickly as teams use IaC to provision cloud infrastructure. Learn how to minimize tech debt and remediation work by catching and fixing security issues early in development.

Infrastructure as Code

Rob Schoening

A Guide to Open Source IaC Testing

Are You Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, or Kubernetes? Read about available IaC security testing tools - like Terrascan, Checkov, TFLint, Tf-sec, Sentinel, and others – and how they compare.