Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure

Identify and fix configuration issues in Terraform, CloudFormation, and Kubernetes. Get rapid feedback directly in your pull requests.

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How It Works

Self-service IaC security testing that requires no installation or complicated setup.


Scan code for every PR and code push, and schedule autoscans.

Analyze Code

iacbot checks pull requests (PRs) via Github to find security issues in Terraform

Review and Fix

iacbot sends you alerts on security issues with information on how to fix them

Teams secure their own infrastructure

Developers are most productive when they can write and test their own code. IaC is not different.

Provide Clear Guidance

Infrastructure-as-Code can be difficult, even for experts. Soluble makes securing it approachable.

Enforce Policy With Rapid Feedback

Innovation requires fast iteration. Clear security feedback needs to happen in seconds, not days, weeks or months.

Developers Care About Quality

Developers care deeply about building secure and robust systems. Soluble Fusion helps teams build secure and compliant infrastructure from first commit.

Screenshot of server security assessment.

One platform

Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes

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