Rich Seiersen

Rich has been the CISO at leading companies, including LendingClub, Twilio and GE. He got his start in security companies building vulnerability management products for companies like Qualys and Tripwire. He’s also the co-author of “How To Measure Anything In Cybersecurity Risk,” and the forthcoming “The Metrics Manifesto: Confronting Security With Data.”

A leaky bucket

Rich Seiersen

Getting More Out of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Mistakes happen! No matter how many controls and processes you put in place — services can and do get exploited by the bad guys because of errors from many developers deploying rapidly to the cloud.

Shifting gears

Rich Seiersen

Shifting Left Is a Security Superpower

Get the CISO perspective on GitHub's State of the Octoverse, and get the checklist on how to know whether you've shifted security left to help scale your security program with modern software development.

risk burdown ratio by month

Rich Seiersen

BOOM for DevSecOps: Burndown Rates

Learn how to measure burndown rates to increase the effectiveness of your security program. For cloud native devsecops, learn how it can help you make security more efficient.


Rich Seiersen

Security Superfriends Episode 4: Kathy Wang

Security Superfriends with Kathy Wang - 3x CISO and cloud native security expert. Learn about efficient, scalable ways to build security for agile development.

bullet holes and bombers

Rich Seiersen

Introducing BOOM for DevSecOps

Learn about BOOM: Baseline Objectives and Optimization Measurements – a DevSecOps framework to optimize security capabilities for fast moving software development teams

triangle man

Rich Seiersen

Security Superfriends Episode 3: Aaron Stanley

Aaron Stanley, head of security at Twilio, joins Rich Seiersen to talk about scaling security to keep up with the high speed of modern software development.


Rich Seiersen

Security Superfriends Episode 2: Ely Kahn, AWS

This episode features Ely Kahn, principal product manager for AWS Security Hub. Learn about his career, from the White House to bringing new cloud security services to AWS.

security superfriends

Rich Seiersen

Security Superfriends Episode 1: Garrett Held, Carta

Introducing Security Superfriends – a new podcast from Soluble, hosted by Richard Seiersen. This episode features Garrett Held, CISO for Carta, and his strategies for cloud native security that keeps up with rapid product development.

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Rich Seiersen

Three Steps To Better Security ROI: When Fast Times Clash with Lean Reality

Three Steps To Getting Better Security ROI: When Fast Times Clash with Lean Reality