Rob Schoening

Rob was most recently the VP Of TechOps for LendingClub. As a developer turned ops executive, he developed and championed an innovative approach for managing heterogeneous cloud infrastructure as code. Prior to LendingClub he spent nearly two decades in software consulting and leadership for companies like Visa, AT&T, Apigee and others.

a rolling rock gathers no moss

Rob Schoening

Minimizing Tech Debt With IaC

Tech debt can accumulate quickly as teams use IaC to provision cloud infrastructure. Learn how to minimize tech debt and remediation work by catching and fixing security issues early in development.

Infrastructure as Code

Rob Schoening

A Guide to Open Source IaC Testing

Are You Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, or Kubernetes? Read about available IaC security testing tools - like Terrascan, Checkov, TFLint, Tf-sec, Sentinel, and others – and how they compare. 

Soluble Fusion Slack Alerts

Rob Schoening

Soluble Fusion Alerts Via Slack

Learn how Soluble sends you security alerts directly in your Slack messages. Easy to set up, and you get real-time alerts.